March 20, 2022-Meeting Recap

March 22, 2022       Randall Holbrook

This membership meeting was held at the “Fish Tank Capo”, a recently opened community event venue in Capistrano Beach, CA, at the behest of our Treasurer, Randolf Holbrook, to further review the recommended site and if agreed, begin planning for a near-future SCA art exhibition in this location.

ATTENDEES:  SCA members Sharon Kump (pres), Janet Adams (programs co-chair), Randall Holbrook (treas and SCA webmaster), Thom Wright (sec), Roger Gordon, Ron Howlett, Kathy Breaux, Laura Shapiro, Norm Ellis, and Fish Tank managers Doug and Cynthia Sieloff.

Doug and Cynthia Sieloff at the Fish Tank
SCA members meeting with Cynthia Sieloff at the Fish Tank

After a tour of the Fish Tank venue given by Doug Sieloff, all members were impressed, and a consensus was reached that it would make a great show space there.  It was estimated that the inside walls, panels, and lighting space would permit about 50 small and medium-sized art pieces with about a 5 ft. spacing. Sculptures would have to bring their own pedestals. An additional 10-12 artworks could be placed on artists’ easels next to the walls.  There are now about 30 paid members, but not all are likely to participate, and several more who join SCA before May 30 would also be eligible to participate.  No decision yet has been made on the maximum number of artworks and maximum sizes.  All wall-hanging art pieces must have support wire attached when submitted.

Discussion and recommendation by Doug to be in the May-June timeframe. It was decided that a 2-3 day show in the last weekend of June (June 25-27) could be met and would allow time for members to prepare for detailed event planning. See the minutes for more

Seven SCA members presented one or two of their recent art pieces:

A productive meeting! Sorry I didn't get a picture of Desiree Engel's sculpture!

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