About SCA

Southern California Artists is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for all artists working in southern California.

The association functions to support artists with dialogue, education, and interaction at all stages of the creative process - from inspiration to the exhibition. There are no favored media and it is open to all creative pursuit addressing what it means to make art and how to share it with the community.

If you are interested in joining SCA, select Membership on the menu at top right. Fill out the form, and select a membership level (Standard $35, Family $45, or Student $25). Membership dues may be paid via credit card online, or send a check with your application (click the blue word application to download one) to:

Randall Holbrook
Treasurer, Southern California Artists
25841 Avenida Cabrillo
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

When your membership dues are received, an account will be created for you on southerncaliforniaartists.org.

As a member, you have access to exhibit opportunity news, member meetings, members-only shows, members-only information, and more!

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