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September 23, 2022       Norm Ellis

Fantasy #41 - Norm Ellis
Fantasy #41 - Norm Ellis

Camelback Gallery | Shades of Blue 2023

"Fantasy #47" received the FINALIST award in the Shades of Blue 2023 juried show.

J Mane Gallery | 5 for 5

J. Mane Gallery invited submissions for its 5 for 5 online juried art exhibition in honor of their 5th Anniversary.

Grey Cube Gallery | Portrait online show

"Fantasy #41" and "Fantasy #48" have been selected for inclusion in the 2023 Portrait online art show.

Las Laguna Art Gallery | Figures & Faces 2023

"Fantasy 41" has been selected for the March online exhibition Figures or Faces 2023

Artist Space Gallery | Landscapes

"Fantasy 16" is included in the Art Space Gallery Landscapes Art Exhibition

Fusion Art | 8th Annual Colorful Abstractions

"Fantasy 12" is showing in Fusion Art's 8th Annual Colorful Abstractions International Online Juried Art Exhibition for the month of January 2023.

Art Room Gallery | Colors

"Fantasy 18" and "Fantasy 34" received FINALIST recognition in the Art Room Gallery's Sixth Art competition Colors which started in November 2022 and concluded on December 29, 2022.

Art Show International | Online Competitions

3rd Water Online Competition - "Fantasy 36" received the FINALIST award

6th ANIMAL Online Art Competition - "Fantasy #40" has been awarded FINALIST

Norm has been awarded Honorable Mention in Art Show International Gallery's 7th Abstract online art competition. See 7th Abstract here.

Norm Ellis has been awarded the FINALIST award in the Art Show International Gallery online show 6th Landscape.

Wild Heart Gallery | Inter/Action

"Fantasy 33" was accepted to the Wild Heart Gallery Inter/Action International Juried Art Exhibition

Global Painting Conclave | Animal Painting December 2022

Norm Ellis received the FINALIST award in the Animal Painting December 2022 competition with "Fantasy 31".

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery | Open

"Fantasy 37 and "Fantasy 41" have been accepted for inclusion in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery January 2023 show: Open

Red Bluff Art Gallery | Save Our Planet

The Red Bluff Art Gallery Save Our Planet online exhibition opens December 26th. "Fantasy 46" is featured in this show that runs through January.

HelvetArt | December 2022

"Fantasy 7" and "Fantasy 15" are on display through January in the HelvetArt Gallery Online December 2022 show.

Contemporary Art Gallery Online | 2022 ALL Color

Norm Ellis has 2 pieces accepted in the January ALL Color Mixed Media/3D online exhibition.

Fusion Art | Light & Shadow

"Fantasy 11" has been chosen for inclusion in the Light & Shadow Online Juried Art Exhibition. the show runs through January 2023.

Gallery Ring | COLOURFUL

Norm Ellis has received the FINALIST Award in the Gallery Ring January art competition Colourful with "Fantasy 12", "Fantasy 16", and "Fantasy 39"

LightSpaceTime Gallery | Nature

"Fantasy 31" has been selected for inclusion in the LightSpaceTime online Nature show for December

Artist Space | Abstract Art Exhibition

"Fantasy 13" has been accepted for the Artist Space First Abstract Art Exhibition Online through December

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery | "Blue"

"Fantasy 34" and "Fantasy 38" have been accepted for inclusion in the December 2022 show Blue

Global Painting Conclave | Nature Painting October 2022

Norm has been awarded a Finalist Award for "Fantasy 7" in the Nature Painting October 2022 competition. See the winners here

The Keller Prize | Online Gallery

"Fantasy 41", "Fantasy 33", "Fantasy 31", "Fantasy 39", and "Fantasy 15" have been selected for the Keller Prize competition. The show is on display at Aspen-based The Keller Prize Gallery until the winners are chosen in December. View the exhibit here.

Red Bluff Art Gallery | Norm Ellis Fantasy Art Solo Exhibition

Norm Ellis has a solo exhibit and virtual gallery tour, "Fantasy Art" online at Red Bluff Art Gallery.

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