Thom Wright — The Strand at Huntington

October 5, 2014       Thom Wright

Art Statement
“The Strand at Huntington” Series
By Thom Wright

My art in “The Strand at Huntington” series concerns processes of change of a building site and its consequent transformation of our environment and local culture. A large site in the heart of my town presents a show of architectural stages that began with razing the previous structures and removing the past before building the new.   These in-process scenes are fragments of the whole and something of what will be.  They have its unique geometry and inner structures, its layers and modern building technologies that I translate into layers of mixed media on paper.

Each painting captures some building phase of the events of that site.  I make semi-abstract compositions rather than the completed whole, and investigate the chemistry, weights, shifts, dynamic forces and rhythms of the unfinished state.  My mixed media compositions of shape, space, color, layer and line become my personal expression of transformation and change.


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