Torrance Utility Box Public Art

May 13, 2024       Randall Holbrook

The City of Torrance is seeking artists to showcase their work to beautify utility boxes located throughout the city. The program's objectives are to introduce art to unexpected locations and use public art to enhance the vibrancy and appeal of the city's streetscapes.

  • Utility Box public art designs must be applicable usable, covering all four sides and the top of a box
  • You can submit multiple designs with one application.
  • You’ll be paid a $500 stipend for each box your work is chosen for.
  • Artworks are printed on vinyl that is finished with a UV protective/anti-graffiti coating and installed by a 3rd-party vendor.
  • Your artwork must be appropriate for the entire community to view.
  • No advertising or copy-written material will be allowed.

For more details:
(310) 618-2380
Torrance website

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