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October 6, 2014       Julio Lesende

Born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the U.S.A. in the late 1960's. I was raised in Northern California ( Bay Area native ). I always remember having a fondness for cartoon characters and reading many Superhero comics growing up. I was fascinated by animation and wanted to be an animator for Disney.

I studied Life Drawing, Commercial Illustration and Color and Design at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. When I moved to Southern California I pursued my dream of becoming an Animator, and studied animation for film and television at the Associates of Art College in Sherman Oaks.

Most recently I began working with Oils, painting under the tutelage of two dear friends, whom I met through joining the la Habra Heights Art group. One is Don Read who is a pleine-aire artist and Mickey Mc Ilwrath who was a former Disney artist and former art teacher in Chicago. I find that working with oils has released a world of imagination and endless creativity and also learning what a wonderful medium this really is.


The San Francisco Art Academy: Commercial Art Illustration, Life Drawing and Color and Design Techniques

Associates in Art School, Sherman Oaks: Film Animation, Story Boarding for Film and Television

Member of the La Habra Heights Fine Artists and Artisans and the La Habra Art Association

Member of the ACW (Artist Community of Whittier )

My first love of the arts was with Disney Classic Animated films and comic book art.  Growing up in Northern California, I was always surrounded by creative art expressions in my family. This included  my mother's love for writing poetry and music.

I have a very imaginative and creative mind which has allowed me to draw and paint expressive works of art. You will notice that my art work contains vibrant colors.  What I most enjoy as an artist is to express myself without boundaries and create people or places that only exists in my mind's eye.


E-mail: juliojeannie@yahoo.com

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