Janet MacKaig — Artist Statement

October 6, 2014       Janet Mackaig

Innuendo #1
Innuendo #1

My art work has covered the gamut, from drawing, textural pieces, sculpture, photography, printmaking to painting.  Many of my art pieces combine processes.

Since 2004, I have tried to limit the processes, take images from memory, keep the work simple and direct.  My work almost always has a strong personal intent, maybe not always obvious.  It is, sort of, a “Visual Haiku Attitude”.

The paintings and prints are about my life, maybe an autobiography.  There is no conscious logic in the acquired choices to create this body of work.  It is like looking at a beautiful spider web glistening in the sun light, visually  interesting, draws the viewer in, then the spider strikes through a subliminal message.

A series of prints or paintings develop, usually when I travel.  In 2007, I visited Hudson Bay, Canada.  A series of seven original prints developed and seven poems.  In 2008 the “Museum Series” arrived on canvas. People and animals looking at paintings in the museum, so far, there are seven large paintings, probably more to come.  I don’t  know where the inspiration for these paintings came from.  These paintings seem to have their own soul, I really can’t explain them.

After several years, I have noticed that when I see one of my old paintings somewhere, I no longer have the same feelings towards it, it has become its own entity.  I have run across old work and been surprised that I was the artist or creator.  I have to ask myself, does a painting create itself?


E-mail: jmackaig@cox.net

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