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September 4, 2014       Cheryl Bookout

Artist, Arts Activist

In June of 2000, Cheryl became Director of the SCA Gallery located in the Pomona Arts Colony. Along with this position came a relocation of her personal studio from the Artists Village in Santa Ana to the downtown Pomona Arts Colony. In 2001, she proposed a collaborative project between the Pomona Arts Colony, the academic community, artist Judy Chicago and her photographer husband, Donald Woodman. For over two years, Ms. Bookout worked closely with Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman to create Envisioning the Future, an intensive project which brought over 80 artists from all over Southern California to the Inland Empire to work, present and perform images with the common theme of the future. Cheryl Bookout was the Project Coordinator of this complex undertaking, which came to a successful conclusion in March 2004.

The content of Cheryl's personal art reflects her examination of the cycle of life and the impact humans have on one another.. life's fragile balance on this planet. Over the years she has developed techniques in installation art and mixed media painting with an extensive exhibition and collection history. She currently resides in Joshua Tree, California and is working as a full time studio artist.

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