Visual Harmony in Japanese Gardens and the Beauty of Bonsai

October 22, 2021       Randall Holbrook

The Japanese Friendship Garden is pleased to present "Visual Harmony in Japanese Gardens and the Beauty of Bonsai, an exhibition by local Southern California-based artist Ronald Reekers.

In this exhibition, Reekers shows a series of works; an expression of the harmony in the Japanese Garden and the beauty of Bonsai. Everything in a Japanese Garden has meaning, from the view of the pond to the sound of flowing water. Visual harmony comes from the intrinsic beauty of each element of the garden. Bonsai also inherits characteristics of Japanese culture such as "wabi-sabi" and is derived from the traditional Chinese art of "peijing," in which miniature trees with artistic shapes are grown in containers.

He made several trips to the Friendship Garden in San Diego and other Japanese gardens to create his work. He changed his expression according to his inspiration to express the beauty and depth of the garden.

Ronaldo Reekers is an artist and Aerospace Engineer. He has been on a long road of Art education. He was passionate about doing art in school and attending classes in US and Mexico, but even after he changed his major to Aerospace Engineering he still wanted to complete formal studies in Art. Eventually, he did!! Ronaldo completed his BFA in Drawing and Painting and Printmaking at Long Beach State.

Thursday, November 4, 2021 - Sunday, January 30, 2022

Japanese Friendship Garden
2125 Park Blvd, San Diego (map)

Exhibition Hours: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm (Hours subject to change during special events. Refer to

JFG General Admission Fee: Adults $12.00
Students, seniors (over 65) &  Active-Duty Military (with valid I.D) $ 10.00

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