Timothy J. Clark | Reflections

February 15, 2024       Randall Holbrook

“Reflections”: A Timothy J. Clark Exhibition at Moulton Museum

Embark on an Artistic Odyssey with Timothy J. Clark

The Moulton Museum proudly presents “Reflections,” an evocative exhibition showcasing the diverse and profound works of the esteemed artist Timothy J. Clark.


On Saturday, March 9th, from 1-5pm, the Moulton Museum invites SCA members to explore Clark’s unique perspective on life and art, captured through his masterful use of light, color, and emotion, with a tour of the show by Timothy and Marriott Clark.

Clark’s art transcends boundaries, reflecting his experiences from the tranquil shores of Orange County to the historic landscapes of Europe. His paintings offer a journey through time and place, inviting viewers to experience the world through his eyes.


Moulton Museum
Saturday, March 9th 1-5pm

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