Art Talk with Thom Wright

November 5, 2019       Randall Holbrook

This coming Thursday evening (Nov 7), starting at 6 pm, an important artist that you may know will be talking about his life and his art.

It is his first art talk in his life, and that being said, in no way should you doubt that something interesting may be discussed.

This talk is being presented at the Huntington Beach Art Center, 538 N. Main St, Huntington Beach, CA.

Because of the potential interest in abstract art, I would recommend that you arrive a few minutes early and get a good seat.

The visual image above that usually is a stimulating work of art, par excellence.  However, the artist prefers to show the lesser and the bones of how one begins to make art.  Hopefully, his audience will be comprised of other fellow artists that, possibly from curiosity or otherwise decide that they might be exposed to something about Expressionist art-making.  That is the subject.  And being the first of its kind for a talk by this artist, it may or may not be all that universal or that forthcoming with brilliant new ideas.  As a matter of fact, it really relies on some interchange, discussion and real questions about what "Abstract Expressionist Art" is all about.  Needless to say, there is a possibility of humor, insight and collective sharing that is all to the good.  So be it, come and partake of something of a rare coin in the world today.

Best to you all,

Thom Wright

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