The San Juan Outpost

March 7, 2022       Randall Holbrook

SCA artist Randall Holbrook and The Alliance for San Juan Art will have a booth at the Outpost SJC for the Walker Hayes and John Pardi shows! The Outpost team has generously offered us a 20 x 20 booth to display/sell artwork and promote the TASJA mission of bringing art to the public square.

Come by for a visit if you are enjoying the shows!


TASJA is sponsoring a silent auction focusing on local and equestrian art at the concerts on March 11 and 17. This is providing an opportunity for artists to display/sell a single piece of art without attending the event. Artists will set a minimum bid and make a donation (split profits greater than minimum bid 50/50) to TASJA from profits from pieces sold at the silent auction. Encouraging the showing of Equestrian Art and local area art. 

If interested, contact Tina Ann The Queen of Happiness at directly!

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