September 23, 2017       Janet Inez Adams

Janet Inez Adams, MFA has seven art pieces in the current (September - October 2017)  STRINGS ATTACHED Invitational Exhibit at Coastline College Art Gallery. This exhibit was curated by David Michael Lee, Director.

WISHBONE AND THE FIRE 2017 - mixed media. Retells the tale of the terrible fire in Brian Head, Ut, that scorched 76,000 acres near the Dixie National Forest and threatened Janet's cabin.

FRIEND OR FOE 2014 - mixed media on wood. A dream image.

WEB AND GREEN GATE 2015 - mixed media on wood. A story.


GIFT OF RAIN 2014 - mixed media on wood. Created during the draught in hopes of bringing rain.

CROWN 2014 - mixed media on wood. Refers to "Crown of Thorns".

FOREST FOR THE TREES 2012 - mixed media on wood. Refers to the mysteries found in a forest.

WISE OLE SOL 2010 - mixed media on wood. A joke about the sun.

The design of my wall for STRINGS ATTACHED 2017.

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