January 16, 2022 SCA Meeting Recap

January 19, 2022       Randall Holbrook

SCA held a meeting outdoors at the park behind the Irvine Fine Arts Center.

Janet Adams was thanked for hosting the December 2021 meeting at her art space. Present plans are for future meetings to be held outdoors at IFAC and/or at voluntary members’ residences.  This also provides the hosting member to informally show their recent art in more depth.

The meeting start was delayed by an auto accident in the IFAC parking lot when Randy Au’s car was struck by another vehicle, both of them traveling at less than 15 MPH. No one was hurt, lots of broken glass, but Randy had to deal with the aftermath and missed the meeting.

All members showed some current work and preparations for new work and informal discussions with the members.

Janet Adams shared a new piece and her notebook:

Thom Wright shared In Balance With Nature #56. He creates his own panels to paint on and framing for his nature-and-climate-based abstracts:

Randall Holbrook shared his interactive map of public art in San Juan Capistrano for TASJA.org, as well as a small oil he has just recently started:

Kathy Breaux shared some of her recent architectural watercolors:

Thanks to those who attended! We are looking to try to meet every two months, so look for an announcement for March. Let Randall know if anyone is interested in hosting. The park in Irvine was a great place to meet, fun had by all!

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2 comments on “January 16, 2022 SCA Meeting Recap”

  1. Excellent overview of our SCA meeting and the art members and their work, including mine too. Our SCA website is gaining energy, and hopefully adds to its future growth.

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