Randall Holbrook at LagunaART.com Gallery

February 27, 2023       Randall Holbrook

Strand Beach Wave #4 - Randall Holbrook
Strand Beach Wave #4 - Randall Holbrook

Strand Beach Wave #4 has been selected for inclusion in the juried show THE BLUE PERIOD at the LagunaART.com Gallery.

The show runs March 4th-31st with an artist's reception Saturday, March 4th, 3-6 pm.
Come out and enjoy local art from local artists live and in person!

The LagunaART.com Gallery is in the Shops at Mission Viejo

Visit the calendar entry for directions
Visit LagunaART.com for further information and online shows.

HAPPENING NOW "The Blue Period"

The Blue Period of Picasso is between 1900 and 1904 when he painted essentially monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and blue-green, only occasionally warmed by other colors. These somber works, inspired by Spain but painted in Paris, are now some of his most famous works, although he had difficulty selling them at the time. Picasso settled in Paris in 1904, having spent a few difficult years with no fixed studio and little artistic success. While back in 1903, he produced his Blue Period works, which seemed to reflect his experience of relative poverty and instability, depicting beggars, street urchins, the old and frail, and the blind.

Showing NOW: MARCH 4 - MARCH 31 2023

Flamenco Dancing
One wall from The Blue Period show

ARTISTS: Mariana Sánchez, Arnaya Needleman, Armelle Ngo, Kathleen Wilson, Victoria Veedell, Ambika Thiagarajan, Ashley Schoner, Shelley Mouber, Holly Miller, Edward Miltimore, Mila Vovk, Randall Holbrook, Chess Brodnick, Julia DiCambio, Donald White, Rosanne Nitti, Venita Siegel, Havilah Abrego, Jessica Moore, Moon Choi, Minuella Chapman, Sue Ziehmer, Jean Judd, Ana Cadwell, Dominic Dunsmore, Minako Zienowicz, Renee Shewfelt, Anna Vargas, Abhijna Shetty, Roni West, Maddalena Bowers, Pina Nast, Kasie Brennt, Elizabeth Manos, Sona Mirzaei, Valendena Rizidis, Lynn Marie McShane, ChanMi Jung, Jessica Marmorstein, Alice Tomlinson, Stacy Alynn, Svetlana Shellshear, Tayte Trujillo, Stephan Langensteiner, Aleksandr Skariukin, Stephen Frank Gary, Jeff Petsche, mike bauerkemper, Logan Kirkpatrick, Marcelino Pacheco, Daria Shugaieva, david phelps, Maddison Wright, niree kodaverdian, Marlene Sevacherian, Steven Bielak, Eungi Wahle, Ambika Thiagarajah, Bradford Stone, Erik Fox, Taylor Mize, Todd Scott, Fay Wyles, Lyndsi Achucarro, Cara Chadwick, JoJo, Meredith Johnson, Giacomo Aureo, Christy Hopkins, Katerina Husmann, Jenalyn Jimenez, Lori Montgomery, JoJo, Andrew Glass, Andrew Glass, Kimberly Altman, Ron Deak, Elise Lee, May Attar, Carlos Buitrago, Ryan Franklyn, Brittany Kiertzner, Renata Bosnjak, Julie Bauer.

This is a 30 day show in a physical gallery in South Orange County, CA in the Mission Viejo Mall next to Nordstrom and the Apple store

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