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January 9, 2022       Randall Holbrook

Laguna Art Museum: 40th Annual California Cool Art Auction 2022

An American Wall, (front), 2019
An American Wall, (front), 2019

Laguna Art Museum presents the 40th annual California Cool Art Auction. The museum-curated event features over 100 works by California’s most coveted artists. The American Wall, 2019 by member Karen Feuer-Schwager is up for auction: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/karen-feuer-schwager-the-american-wall?fbclid=IwAR1ngMBkGjbm80piN2bRvKw-lKJDKOaCq9MTVryLAEK7stBPS-8skcArAE8

The American Wall, 2019
Ink Pigmented print, textured cotton rag paper
15 × 31 in38.1 × 78.7 cm
Edition 3/25

Your support of this event ensures that Laguna Art Museum can continue its mission of collecting and preserving California art, providing critically acclaimed exhibitions, and enhancing art education for all ages.

Bidding opens at 11:00am PST (2:00pm EST) on Friday, February 4, 2022.
Bidding for the silent auction will close on Saturday, March 5th at 7:50 pm PST (10:50 pm EST).

Full details and additional content at: https://lagunaartmuseum.org/events/california-cool-art-auction-2022

Courtesy of the Artist:

70% of the proceeds of this sale are donated to LAM.
KAREN FEUER-SCHWAGER has resided and practiced her craft in New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, France, Switzerland, and California.
Following graduating Tyler School of Fine Arts, Temple University and completing an apprenticeship for an art as therapy program, she moved to New York City. Using the arts as a means for understanding the mind and using her understanding of Gestalt techniques to deepen the visual dialogue, she developed her dream imagery subject matter.
In the Late 1960s, she met and began studying with the New York-based artist Don Stacy. Stacy encouraged her to develop her experimental, expressionistic side.
The 1970s-’90s experimentation led her to work on unusual support materials such as stressed Polaroid film and irregularly shaped formatting. It was at this time she began painting with polymer skins and combining them with Plexiglas or her hand-made, used teabag paper.
Karen’s use of polymer skins lead to her developing site specific installations on glass facades. By far, her largest work to date was “Traces”, a polymer skins piece. It was installed at the Laguna Art Museum for Tyler Stalling’s “OsCene 2004 Biannual”. It covered every window and door of LAM's entranceway.
The following year Karen installed “Traces of Spring” (also polymer skins) at Grand Central Art Center’s (Santa Ana, Ca) front window which accompanied her show, Dennis Cubage and Andrea Harris curators.
Karen also designs a line of art wear jewelry using polymer skins now on display in several museums and the “Just Looking Boutique”, Laguna Beach.
She has worked across media, for example collaborating in 2013 with choreographer Jayne Persch, and the Boulder Ballet Co. for the program “STEPPING-OUT” and in 2015, “SHAPE-SHIFT. ” A wall sculpture (used tea bag paper and polymer skins), was the thematic basis for the choreography for a performance and exhibition at the Dairy Gallery, Boulder, CO.

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