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August 30, 2023       Randall Holbrook

EARTH - September 2023
Reception Sept 2 (3-6pm)

September 2023 "EARTH" 30-Day Exhibition

The Final Edition of the Elements Series

Reception September 2, 2023 - 3-6 PM

Earth is one of the four classical elements along with air, fire, and water in ancient Greek philosophy and in Western alchemy, "Earth" is a 30-Day Group Show Exhibition

Live Music • Food / Drinks • Live Artist Demos • FREE Kids Art Classes • Face Painting Gallery - a physical gallery (the largest!) in South Orange County, CA in the Shops at the Mission Viejo Mall next to Nordstrom and the Apple store.

"Rancher" and "Strawberry Pickers #2) by SCA member Randall Holbrook have been juried into the show.

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