April 10 Meeting Recap

April 14, 2022       Randall Holbrook

April 10, 1:30 pm at The Fish Tank

Attendees: Randall Holbrook, Thom Wright, Roger Gordon, Ron Howlett, Doug & Cynthia Sieloff

Several major shifts have occurred on Doug Sieloff's proposition, and they may have a financial liability or impact on our cost of this event.

  1. Did we really have a quorum present for this SCA meeting?  And so far, there is no substantive commitment yet to do this show.
  2. This art show is to be a 50/50 art show/event that combines our art with his room environment, his food, beverages, and classical jazz entertainment.  
  3. Doug proposes our event there to be like the arrangement that he has now with the high roller artist showing in May, to start making a profit/return for the Fish Tank.
  4. He stated that there is a maximum of 100 attendees per night or at any time to meet city requirements.
  5. He proposes to show his surround wall videos during the event, which precludes any art hanging on the front white walls.  We will have to provide more easels, which may limit the number of art entries per person to 1 or 2.
  6. He is providing the few spotlights that he has for the show, and we do not know how they will work with the surround videos and art on easels.
  7. He proposes this to be a $35 per ticket entry, and we provide additional staffing at the entrance to check tickets and do wrist bands on attendees.
  8. As a result, our proposed entry fee rises to $35 per artist to match the ticket entry.  Hopefully, that is for presence at 1 to 3 show days (Fri/Sat/Sun).
  9. The parking requirement he stated can be met by opening an adjacent (?) parking area for 30 cars and 6 more on his property.

I would recommend that we need to have a larger group meeting again soon to review these changes/terms and identify our financial liability and get an agreement for continuing planning for this event.


Thom Wright

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3 comments on “April 10 Meeting Recap”

  1. Hi I like the idea of a future meeting. I know I missed the last meeting and have not seen the venue. If the exhibition is part of a party type atmosphere, and the work is going to be at least partially displayed on easels, I am not sure I will be participating.

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