Altered States - Shelley Heffler Solo Exhibition

August 23, 2018       Randall Holbrook

Shelley Heffler is pleased to announce a Solo Exhibition at
Art Depot Gallery
16822 Spring St.
Fontana, CA 92335

September 4, through September 28, 2018 

Heffler - Path of Least Resistance
Heffler - Path of Least Resistance

The title of the exhibition, Altered States, refers to the potential of art to lead the viewer to another sense of self and place. My artwork is an investigation in transformation, hence creating a reference to different states of being. This can be achieved through physical and spiritual means. My creative process centers on manipulating and deconstructing the traditional expectations of painting. I am concerned with functional concerns as well as the fragility of such. I work as an Alchemist, transforming a few humble materials into three-dimensional paintings which are imbued with their own history and aesthetic values. I want to capture the essence of a landscape, whether urban or global, into something transformative and tangible which is simple, hopeful and beautiful.

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