Minutes - September 9, 2017

Location: BC Space Gallery

Attendees: Sharon Kump, Janet Adams, Roger Gordon. Jim and Mary Dahl, Fay Colmar, Desiree Engle, Karen Feuer-Schwager, Leslie Arnold, Lynn Kubasek, Mark Chamberlain, Celene Cecena and Randall Holbrook.

Introductions of two new dynamic members, who talked about their
art. Mark Chamberlain introduced himself and told the history of the gallery. A history of embracing environmental issues and humanitarian issues in general. He also touched on some challenges with the limitations of having a gallery in Laguna Beach over the last forty-four years.

To learn more about the BC Space go to the website: http://www.bcspace.com/
The gallery is not about sales as much as about the mission as seen on the website. The gallery collects 40% of all sales.

Sharon Kump will make the labels for the artwork: sharonkump@earthink.net. The labels should have the title, media, size, and price. Mark Chamberlain created a file with everyone's information of artwork that was accepted and will mail it to her. Probably it will be missing prices so please e-mail her with prices and anything else that might be missing.

Jim Dahl will work on press releases along with Mark.

Thom and Randall will help with installations on Tues Sept 19th

Non-metered parking is available on Park Ave closer to the
school as well as the high school parking lot ( bit of a walk up hill). Side streets such as Catalina are also non-metered. Thursday evenings behind the public library too.

We talked about the fire monitor asking for a fifty-person maximum for some events. A fire monitor can be hired to tell people that the
stairs are the best way out.
Cost is $175. But may not be a necessity.

Poetry event will be on hold but tentative date is changed
from October 12 to October 19. The evening could include a
docent tour, poetry, from 7-9. We need someone to organize if we want to do it.

It was decided to continue the show until Dec 21, the winter solstice with a closing event. Mark will ask Mark Turnbull and John Gardiner if they will perform.

Each artist should have a statement, brief and concise for
display alongside their work or for a loose-leaf notebook.

The loose-leaf binder page should include:

  1. Bio and photo of yourself
  2. artwork photos
  3. statement

The work is to be delivered by September 13, make sure name, title, size, medium and value are on the back of your work. and that Sharon has the info as well.

The opening is Sept. 23.

There is a $25 charge for an ABC permit to serve wine or
beer. Members and participants will be providing potluck wine
and snacks for the opening on Sept. 23 and the closing on Dec. 21.

*We need to update our pages on the SCA website: https://southerncaliforniaartists.org
Randall said we can each have a QR code on our label to
direct people to our web page on SCA. Pages could have cv/portfolio/bio. Send info to Randall for your web page updates through email.

BC Space will photograph our whole show. Check the WOW
link on bcspace.org

Gallery hours are Th-Fri-Sat and by appt only, hours 2-5, call
Mark, his number is 949-497-1880 and Karen’s is 949-497-5926. Mark will cover Thursdays and we need our members and participants to sign up for a day or days. Please look at your calendar and commit. It actually is an opportunity to invite your people give a docent tour.

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