Minutes - November 14, 2021

MEETING MINUTES November 14, 2021 at Janet Adams Studio
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Introductions of Members
MEMBERS PRESENT: Sharon Kump, Karen Feuer-Schwager, Janet Adams, Randall Holbrook, Kathy Breaux, Norm Ellis, Laura Shapiro, Thom Wright.

Treasurer Report  $941.00

  1. Randall Holbrook: showed current work, watercolors—Landscapes in Fall 2020 showed at the Workwell Gallery, Irvine and the Cottage Gallery, San Juan Capistrano. Website is active, please sign up for the monthly newsletter, delivered 1st Tuesday of every month. Recently published a map of public art in San Juan Capistrano, in its second printing. Nancy Reekers health. Ron Reekers bonsai show at the Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego.
  2. Thom Wright: working on small geometric abstracts. Showed in HBAC, is in upcoming "Inspired" show at HBAC. Also working on monoprints about global warming and climate change.
  3. Norm Ellis: joined to carry on his mother's legacy (Marilyn Ellis). Returning to his art—Fantasy Series: surreal, figurative pencil and ink drawings, showing works with online exhibitions.
  4. Janet Adams: Rediscovered an older piece when moving, mixed media on board. New, small-square pieces involve poetry and leaves. Had an open studio event in October.
  5. Karen Feuer-Schwager: Found Kim Abeles as an inspiration, "The Art of Here and tHere". Interviewed and made a portrait of someone she didn't know. Participated in Susan Geer's "Stitch In Time" show. Jewellry is selling, can be found at "Just Looking" boutique in Laguna Beach.
  6. Laura Shapiro: Moved out from New York last month, was in education and now retired. Has recently been busy creating mixed-media abstracts on cardboard cutouts.
  7. Kathy Breaux: Architectural watercolors. Teaching kids and adults in various cities.
  8. Sharon Kump: Rescuing, fostering and preparing cats for adoption from local parks in Huntington Beach.
  9. Members: Please get gallery information to Randall well before the opening for posting online.
  10. New membership renewals are $40. Per year. Every December.
  11. Discussed Carole Choucair's success and recent "Our Bonds"mural at the LeBron James Innovation Center, Nike, Beaverton, Oregon and 2 icons at Our Lady of The Rosary Church in San Diego.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm.

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