Minutes - June 15, 2019

SCA MINUTES June 15, 2019 at Workwell
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Introductions of Members
MEMBERS PRESENT: Sharon Kump, Karen Feuer-Schwager, Janet Adams, Teiko Horita, Randall Holbrook.

Sharon read minutes of the last meeting.

Treasurer Report  $2199.46

  1. Teiko plans on being more active artistically.
  2. OC Airport: Send Jeffrey Frisch an interest email to get started.
    Don’t need to send images. JFrisch@ocair.com
  3. ArtVenture: July 15 deadline show is at the Segerstrom Concert Hall Sept 6-7
  4. Karen is participating in WCA show at SOLA Gallery 3718 Slauson, LA
    July 17 opening
  5. Idea for SCA Retrospective Show? 35 years of Art. Include former members.
    Evolution of an association. Memorium room? Need an independent meeting
    and proposal.
  6. Marilyn Ellis passed last year. Her son is looking for warehousing/adopting
    her pieces.
  7. How do we deal with “estate” artwork? Janet uses Shutterfly to document
    works in a book. Reasonable prices and pretty easy to do.
    Fairs and shows to reduce inventory?
  8. Looking to Fall: Mid Sept meeting. Possibly at Thom’s.
  9. Karen suggests interested group/groups get together for proposals.
    Artwork Share: Karen had 2 new pieces she is working on 12”x 12”

Meeting adjourned 4:00 pm

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