Minutes - February 10, 2018

Southern California Artists, Inc.
Membership and Board Meeting Minutes for Feb 10, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Sharon Kump at 2 pm, held at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA.

ATTENDANCE AND INTRODUCTIONS:   Sharon Kump, Janet Adams, Karen Schwager, Julia Higgins, Roger Gordon, Randall Holbrook, Thom Wright, and new members Julianne Hodjera and Leslie Arnold.  Members are requested to pay their 2018 dues of $35 online at the SCA Website:  www.southerncaliforniaartists.org


President:     Sharon Kump volunteered to be president of SCA for 2018, and was recognized by the members present by consensus.

Secretary:    Members are asked to contribute and support SCA and requested to participate at the SCA Board level for this position.  It requires that the minutes of each Board Meeting be taken, documented and published on the SCA Website.

Treasurer/Website Master:          Randall Holbrook volunteered to continue in this position for 2018, and accepted by consensus.

Exhibitions Chairperson:   Janet Adams and Karen Schwager volunteered to continue in this position, and accepted by consensus.

Membership Chairperson: Thom Wright volunteered to continue in this position, and accepted by consensus.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Randall Holbrook reported that the present SCA funds totaled $2,711.49.


Janet Adams and Karen Schwager were thanked for their efforts in the SCA show, “Nature Prevails”, held at the BC Space Gallery last fall for three months.  Thom Wright offered to write a Thank You letter to Mark Chamberlain, owner of the BC Space Gallery in Laguna Beach, for hosting our show.  A motion by Karen Schwager was presented and accepted by the membership that Jon Lunys and Anna Barrett also receive from SCA a payment of $100 each for their contributions to supporting our show at BC Space.  This action was accepted by the members present and acknowledged by the Treasurer, Randall Holbrook.


A discussion was held as to the number and type of meetings to be held for 2018. A recommendation for 5-6 meetings through the year was agreed by the members present.  Many suggestions as to the type of meetings were discussed, and a combination of member and outside artists’ workshops were agreed.  Another important function of SCA as a non-profit organization, is to support community arts.  Also, Janet Adams presented possible participation in other shows and venues in Orange County, including the “RIBBA” show at the Coastline Community College Art Gallery in Costa Mesa, the OC “Imagination” event this coming spring, a rented art gallery space for an SCA show at a reasonable price, and an 8’ x 8’ show space at the CCC Art Gallery in coincidence with the “RIBBA” exhibition.   These opportunities will be posted to the SCA Website for consideration by the membership.

Potential meeting dates were generally agreed as Feb (this meeting), Mar or Apr, June, Sep, Oct or Nov, and Dec.  The next SCA meeting was recommended for late March to make further plans for shows participation during the year.  A traditional December meeting for Holiday Gift Exchange was agreed.  Other candidate meeting events will be presented and reviewed at the next SCA meeting in late March.


Members Roger Gordon, Julia Caroline Higgins, Sharon Kump, Thom Wright and Janet Adams presented examples of their current artwork.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.

Thom Wright

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