Board Meeting Minutes - May 10, 2016

At the BCSpace Gallery, 235 Forrest Ave., Laguna Beach, CA

Subject: Exhibition Planning for a possible show at the BCSpace Gallery

Attendees: Jim Dahl (co-president), Janet Adams and Karen Schwager (co chairpersons for exhibitions), Thom Wright (membership chairperson and secretary)

Goals of the Meeting:

  1. Review the current show: “Amerikan Krazies” at BC Space Gallery, a satirical look at contemporary American culture.
  2. Introduce the SCA board to Mark Chamberlain, director of BC Space Gallery and curator of the present show.
  3. Discuss Mark’s ideas for an environmentalism themed SCA show at BC Space Gallery.

Decisions made with Mark Chamberlain:

  1. Agreed to a 3 month show in the Spring, 2017, starting near the vernal Equinox   'with a special opening on the Equinox'
  2. The theme of the show will be “positive environmentalism” with a title yet to be selected.
  3. This exhibition will be open to all SCA members and will be a juried show and curated by Mark C.  Work will be judged as to relevance to environmentalism and artistic quality.  On the order of 25 art works will be selected.
  4. SCA members will pay a TBD entry fee and donate TBD gallery hours sitting time to help defray costs to Mark C during the 3 month show.
  5. A show title and other details will be proposed by SCA and Mark C and agreed to by both during the next month.
  6. A Sunday morning in the next month will be scheduled by Mark C. to invite SCA members to view the BC Space Gallery and the current show.
  7. A general schedule of SCA meetings will be planned by Exhibition chairpersons Janet A. and Karen FS. to help members understand and prepare for this show.
  8. Mark C. desires this show to be a meaningful statement about environmentalism and address the values of society.  He is open to all media, but it must be safely admitted and easily displayed.  Limits on size will be decided.
  9. SCA and Mark C. will participate in the show's publicity effort.
  10. SCA agrees to print show announcement post cards as part of the publicity.
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