Minutes - April 7 2018

SCA Minutes April 7, 2018
Meeting began at 4:29, Coastline Community College

Erna - 40/40 gallery show Laguna Art Lounge

We shared what was going on in our respective Art careers.

Mark Chamberlin of BC Space has stage 4 lung cancer. We all signed a card for him. He has a book coming out in May. UCI is taking his archive. He is hoping to have a BC show in June.

Janet will participate in Coastline Gallery “Fish Out of Water”  choosing from over nine hundred fish similar to the bird show. Please exhibit, check out CCC website.

On April 15 Janet and other members participated in Dia Del Nino workshops at OC Fair.

May 19 is an Artist Studio Visit with Greg Rose please see Janet’s email. It should be much fun.

The meeting was interrupted by visitors to our various booths and was adjourned to see the Ribba 4 show, where we encountered other members of SCA.

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