Meeting Minutes - April 30 2017

At the home and studio of Mary and Jim Dahl  

Treasurer Report: $3025.34
Tom passed out a roster of our 28 current paid up members.

Topic: NATURE PREVAILS; the exhibition opportunity at BC Space Gallery in Laguna Beach . This theme reflects the magnificent complexity and endurance of Planet Earth… with or without mankind. The exhibit runs mid-Sept to mid-Nov 2017

Attending members: Tom Wright, Randall Holbrook, Desiree Engel, Fay Colmar, Janet Adams, Jim Dahl, Mary Colmar Dahl, Karen Feuer-Schwager, Roger Gordon, and Ron Reekers. Janet, Ron, Roger, Desiree, Tom, and Jim presented work.

Our Curator, Mark Chamberlain has requested a 3 or 4 sentence statement from each artist on how their work relates to the title of the show. Members discussed their philosophical response to Nature Prevails and the topic of the show’s title, how in particular it relates to their entries.

Some of the Comments

  1. Nature survives over human and natural insult.
  2. There is a spiritual quality to nature; there is a force that continues despite surface destruction
  3. Matter is energy and cannot be destroyed; its existence is simply transformed.
  4. What are we talking about when we are referring to Nature? Where are the boundaries? Is everything nature?
  5. Nature over time
  6. What will be left after humans become extinct?

Lots of food for thought.

IMPORTANT: Randall is going to set up a means on our web site so we can have a comment thread about the topic of this show.

Mary Colmar Dahl volunteered to make a video of each exhibitor and have them talk about their point of view Vis a Vis the work in the show. This video will be presented throughout the run of the show.

Addendum: spoke with Mark 5/01/17 and he appreciates the idea of a video presentation.

He also would also like to put a “binder/catalogue” together of the artists work and statement. That would be done after the show is up. Mark proposes to take photos of the work; artists will be responsible for their philosophical statements. We will need a volunteer to put the pages together in sleeves for presentation. I suspect SCA will be responsible for the cost of the printing.

Comments and questions should be posted on SCA’s website’s designated blog.

Minutes Submitted by Karen Feuer-Schwager, exhibition chair


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