Hello artists!

I have us set up to hold a meeting at the Moulton Museum in Laguna Niguel.

The Moulton Museum works to keep the history of Orange County and its ranching era alive. It opened in 2022, and features rotating exhibits that highlight Lewis F. Moulton’s ranching legacy, Nellie Gail Moulton’s artwork, daily life, business culture, and local history. The museum actively archives, restores and preserves Orange County historical artifacts from farm implements and buggies to documents, artwork and images of the period. 

We are booked for a 1-hour museum tour at 2:00, and then our meeting.

I don't have minutes from our last meeting at the fish tank, but I would like to discuss:

RSVP to Randall Holbrook

Topic: Weekend Show at The Fish Tank OC

Event dates: June 25-17 (tentative)

Funding and entry fee: To use some of the present SCA funds (TBD), and a suggested fee of $5/small piece, $10/mid-large piece (TBD)  to cover show minor costs for general food and beverages, display banner, cups, plates, and napkins, etc. The Fish Tank has its own insurance coverage but does not include our show works.  Members will sign up to participate, submit art entry details, and pay an entry fee by May XX or on the art delivery date (TBD).

Show Title: TBD for the next planning meeting in 3-4 weeks (announcement on SCA website), to be held again at the Fish Tank venue. Members are invited to attend.  No show theme is needed.  Example titles are: “SCA First Art Exhibition at the Fish Tank”, “SCA Art 2022”. Members are invited to make title recommendations to the secretary, Thom Wright, via email, and to be selected at the next meeting. (thomwrightart@verizon.net)

Art Sales: A long discussion was made on this topic. The Fish Tank is not prepared to do this. A CA business resale license is required, a CA state sales tax of 7.75% in Orange County is added to the sales price. There are many individual charge collection services (Apple Pay, VENMO, Square, etc.). Personal QR codes could be displayed with artworks or on a collective sales & price sheet that would make each artist’s sale, but not everybody has this, and members are not expected to attend all three days. SCA presently has no capability for all of this.  An action item was taken by Randall Holbrook to see if the SCA website or separate SCA charge account could be added and at what cost and effort to do it, and could it be set up in time. (TBD) How to handle cash art sales (TBD).

Art Event Marketing/Advertising: Design and order a banner, fliers, SCA website promotion, local newspaper announcements and human interest story, event photos, invitations and thank you notes. (1-2 informed members)

Staffing Requirements:  Based on previous SCA art shows, almost all members are needed to support in the following areas:

Art Show Top Management (Randall and TBD?)

Art Receiving/Recording
Thursday, May 24, 4-8 pm, 2 members

Art Hanging and Lighting
Friday, May 25, 10am–3pm, 2 members

Art Space staffing/hosting for reception, food setup, and art sales during show dates
Friday, May 25, 4-8 pm, 2 members
Saturday, May 26, 4-8 pm, 2 members
Sunday, May 27, 1-4 pm, 2 members

Art Pickup staffing
Sunday, May 27, 4-6 pm, 2 members

We have an opportunity to do a weekend pop-up show at this location if we want, so I set up to have our next meeting here where we can discuss the logistics. Thom had some questions we can try to answer at this meeting:

I asked that the gate be open so we can park in the parking lot across the street (You will have to pass Via Santa Rosa, turn right behind the building to enter the lot on the right)

Bring art and agenda items! (Don't foget chips for the guacamole, Randall!)

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