A short list of exhibit opportunity and call for artists aggregators and some galleries that have monthly themed shows that are always looking for new artists.

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Resource for visual artists and photographers looking for income and exhibition opportunities

Art call for entries management and jury system. Has a for artists page

Opportunities for Artists: Awards, Exhibits & More

Monthly themed group shows and permanent gallery artists.

Collective is a central hub for connecting California’s arts and culture communities. Peruse, publish, and set notifications for new opportunities such as jobs, internships, artist calls, grants, conferences, workshops, and more.

Find Calls. Apply. Manage Entries.

Each month Las Laguna Art Gallery has a new themed exhibition.

El Camino College Art Gallery hosts six exhibitions each year, including one student show and one El Camino College Art Department Faculty show.

Additionally the gallery provides at least one solo show each year and three themed group shows.

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They post all sorts of job openings and artist calls on a global scale.

Working together we can save the remaining natural places on Earth.  Here you can find talented artists and artisans supporting environmental organizations.  Purchasing handcrafted items from them supports the arts AND the planet.

If you are an artist or craftsman with an online presence and a love of nature, you have come to the right place.  By participating, everything you create has the potential to make a difference in the world.  To participate in ForMotherNature, you will be pledging a portion of your sales proceeds to an environmental organization with a focus on wildlife or wild places.  You may have a favorite organization in mind, or we can help you find one.

Visit the formothernature website to learn more

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