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Celene Favila

Celene moved to Orange County five years ago from her hometown of San Diego and instantly fell in love with the serene waters that surrounded the beautiful landscapes of Laguna Beach. As a Latina, she particularly enjoyed exploring the diverse Artist Community, which inspired in her a sense of creativity, uniqueness and peacefulness.

At the time, she had no formal training in the arts, so Celene let her imagination lead her brush.

During the beginning of 2008, Celene began to paint until late hours, creating an array of paintings that reflected her imagination. She further developed her methods at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, studying abstract horizons, textures, forms and compositions. This helped her to evolve as an artist, and allowed her to apply her ideas onto canvas. Soon after, she presented her work to the public for the first time at the Santiago Art District in November of 2009 and numerous times from 2010 – 2011. She was a Guest Artist at the Cove Gallery in Laguna Beach in May 2010. She also has been commissioned to create custom paintings for corporate and residential settings in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties. Her artwork can be seen in the 2011 award-winning short film, “Hard to Come By.” Celene was a Guest Artist at the Sanctuary Creative Arts gallery in San Juan Capistrano during the summer months of 2012. In August of 2012, she donated a very special custom piece by the name of “Proud to Be Pink” to the Susan G. Komen foundation for the San Diego branch office. Her artwork was alsoexhibited at the Wells Fargo building in Laguna Beach from September 13th to November 13th 2012, an exhibition formed by the California Art Project. She was also part of the 2012 Winter Fantasy at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, November to December 2012.

Celene has always had a passion for the Arts, including music, poetry, and above all, how the Arts allow us all to express ourselves in endless ways.

“Art in its purest form should captivate the soul and guide your inner palette”Celene



Karen Feuer-Schwager – Featured Work

Karen Feuer-Schwager

Karen Feuer SchwagerA multi-faceted artist, Karen Feuer-Schwager currently expresses her emotions, experiences and dreams through a neo-expressionistic style. Whether working on canvas, plexiglas or Polaroid film, her work has a sensual and highly tactile quality that has evolved from techniques developed over a lifetime of making art.

Widely exhibited throughout Southern California, her artistic career began at an early age fostered by her father, a cartoonist. Moving from the studio to classroom, Karen began teaching art after graduation from Temple University in 1965. She has taught classes and provided needed instruction to various institutions as an art-therapist and working with learning disabled children.

Currently residing in Laguna Beach, California, she has lived and exhibited in New York, France and Switzerland.

Selected Curriculum Vitae
1988 – Master of Education, USIU
1978 – Le Centre de Gravure de Geneve, Switzerland
1966 – 1980 Don Stacy Studio, New York
1965 – BFA, Tyler School of Fine Art, Temple

2006 – “For Shame”, BC Space, Laguna Beach, CA
2005 – Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA
2004 – BC Space, Laguna Beach, CA
2004 – Sandstone Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2001- Grand Central Art Gallery, Santa Ana, CA
2001- Gallery 57 Underground, Pomona, CA
2000 – Center Gallery, Long Beach, CA
1999 – San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA
1995 – Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA

Karen Feuer-Schwager may be contacted at:

Karen Feuer-Schwager
Artslant Page

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Marilyn Ellis – Featured Work

Marilyn Ellis


Marilyn’s work has always been abstract dating from early Abstract Expressionism to Magical Realism up through her latest images dealing with the “String Theory” of Physics. For the past 20 years, well known physicists have been working on a Theory of Everything (T.O.E.) that deals with the micro to the macro cosmos. Brian Greene of Colombia University has written several books on this theory and been on PBS in a “String” series for Nova. Poets, writers, musicians and this artist find it facinating and envigorating. Never have Marilyn’s lines been so abstract and her colors more dynamic. It brings the Art, Music and the Physical worlds together as well.

Think of the dynamic vibrancies of stringed instruments from the classical guitar, to the viola, violin and bass. Art, Music, and Physics work as one elegant world.

MA, California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA 1967
BA, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 1960
Universite de Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France 1989
Uppsala University, Sweden 1988, 1987
Universite de Paris, Sorbonne, France 1978
Universite de Tours, France 1974
Art Educator, Orange County 1965 – 2000
Universidad de Mexico, Mexico 1950

Art Affiliations
CSUF Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA
Southern California Artists, Santa Ana, CA
Orange County Fine Arts, Costa Mesa, CA