Sara Won

Artist and Art Instructor

Born in a small city in South Korea, Sara started drawing and painting when she was very young
and continued her art education at the prestigious art school, Hong - Ik University, in Seoul,
Korea majoring in Fiber Art and Tapestry.

After graduation, she worked as a colorist and textile designer for Pierre Cardin at Kugtong Inc.,
and soon after opened an art studio for children to teach various fields of art, such as drawing,
painting, craft, mixed media, illustration, and foundational studies. Many students studied art
from her to develop not only their talents and skills but also to express human emotions
through their paintings and drawings.

After she moved to the United States in 1993, she focused her life as a mother of two while
continuing her private teaching work for students to prepare portfolios and help them think
creatively and have confidence about themselves through artwork.

She received a certified instructor for the “Art and Creativity for Healing” program to teach
people the power of expressing their own feelings through colors.

She has two beautiful children, and a husband Alex along with her Jindo dog, Sammy

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