Karen Feuer-Schwager

Meditation is an extremely important stimulus in my creative process. It guides me to see life as a complicated process wherein past events and actions influence my actions and events that follow.

Many of my images are either in a woven grid or stratified composition in order to represent the layering shaped by manifold life experiences. I weave, glaze and overlap translucent papers and polymer skins to create a reflection of this phenomenon and to represent the density of reality and perception. The translucence has an additional advantage of permitting light to cast shadows, adding the element of unpredictability and animation to these pieces.


LITTLE GIRLS’ DRESSES is rooted in my GARMENTALIZATION PROJECT series. It was stimulated by my watching little girls wearing dresses while at play. It is a plunge into my psyche.

These dresses are a format for me to dance through the dichotomy of my struggle to resolve an old quarrel I have with myself about what it is to be female.

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