Southern California Artists

Rich Sheaffer

Rich Sheaffer chooses current, controversial topics to arouse complex thinking and lively dialogue.  He believes that for his works to be of value, they should inspire debate and create many more questions than answers.  Although an occasional work may be offered for sale, that is incidental and not the purpose of his creation of the art; rather, the purpose is to create each work in the hope of exhibition to inspire a healthy exchange of ideas and opinion on a given topic.

Many of his works portray social topics that are in the political milieu, presenting those in abstract form, to which he refers as “Socio-Political Abstractionism”.  His works currently being offered for exhibit are all in the genre of Socio-Political Abstractionism, inspired by current events.  All of those works question the connectivity (or lack thereof) of the current President of the United States and his administration to the people and the planet, and question our connectivity to our government and ourselves at the same time.  How did we get to this current state of affairs?  Do we support that state of affairs?  Do we dare to act in response to the policies and actions of the President and his administration, and if so, how should we do so?  It is questions like these that he hopes to raise for discussion by his works.

Works Selected for Exhibition:

2018:  “Maria” (referring to Hurricane Maria), Selected for “Connections” Exhibition at Poway Center for the Performing Arts, Juror: Ariel Plotek, Ph.D., Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, The San Diego Museum of Art.