Julia Higgins



Death and regeneration are the subject matter of my work. Using a variety of media such as wood, paint, fabric, ordinary refuse and debris found at natural and urban sites, I explore the boundaries of deconstruction and reinvention. Through cross disciplines, I combine and contrast the relationships of depth and volume, texture, color and form. Surfaces are built and later reduced or scraped away to leave visual fragments, found materials are reconfigured, sanded or painted and then assembled into sculptural works. My processes and experimental approach are ever evolving; demonstrating my interest in “impermanence” and the Buddhist philosophy that all of life and matter are a continual becoming.


Julia Higgins is a native, Southern California visual artist and designer. Her contemporary works are informed by social and environmental concerns, architecture and the materials that she works with.

Although Julia was drawing and painting as early as four, it wasn’t until her collegiate years studying interior design, that she began to explore her artistic proclivities.  After graduating, Julia began coursework in interior architecture at California State University of Long Beach. Two years into the program, on a whim to fulfill an elective requirement, Julia enrolled in a sculpture class and her focus turned to art. Since graduating from CSULB, Julia has exhibited her work in LA and Orange Counties. At present, she works from her studio in Los Angeles.

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