Serafin Gallery +9 Virtual Exhibition

May 15, 2020       Randall Holbrook

Ron Reekers - charcoal
Ron Reekers' charcoal entry in Serafin Gallery +9 Virtual Exhibition

I pray you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

Ron Reekers got picked up by the Serafin Gallery located in the Hilton Downtown Huntington Beach and they are having a Virtual Artshow of 9s Artists;  Ron has one charcoal in the show.

Head to and there will be a play button.

Thanks so much for the support.  We are doing what we can during this pandemic and creating/viewing Art is extremely important during this time.

Serafin Gallery is showing the works of 9 professional artists via video walkthrough of the gallery. Each artist has selected one original just for this show.

"These artists have not only captured my attention over the years but they have capyured the attention of many collectors. These 9 professional artists proudly hold their own in many happy households, businesses and beyond. You will connect with one or more of these artists."

+9 Virtual Exhibition Artists:

Joe Vickers, Larry Beard, John Denis, Roy Kerchof,  Ric Vigall, Carolyn Johnson, Kelly Villasenor, Dominque Parker, Ronald Reekers.

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