June 20, 2020       Randall Holbrook

Suvan Geer is putting together a collaborative “stitch” art project and a series of Zoom sewing circles. The idea is each artist will design and stitch out fragments of thought and creativity about what is going on in our world right now. What are your feelings about what’s happening to the Planet, People, or Politics at this time?

2020 is shaping up to be an amazingly powerful year. So much is happening: a pandemic, massive demonstrations for racial justice, doctors, nurses and grocery clerks being heroic, quarantine, climate change, polarizing politics and an upcoming election…. Whew!

With this group stitchery project, I am asking you to tell me some of what you are feeling late at night or as you daily wade through these things into the next decade.

What moves you? What makes you angry? What gives you peace?

As part of this project your contribution will be pinned to a wall with others from all over. Together they will be part of future art exhibitions or documentation examining our social, political and environmental fabric. (Dates to be announced). 


  • Images, with and without texts are welcome. Drawing, collage and painting are too. But your piece must have some kind of stitching on it.
  • Stitch on anything you can put a threaded needle into…. Any shape. Small is great but 15 inches is max in any direction. Note: it used to be about 18” but I need to scale down since so many are getting involved. Yea!

To have some fun doing this and hear each other’s ideas there will are optional Zoom Stitching Circles. Next date coming soon.

Email suvangeer@sbcglobal.net if you are interested!

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