Pedagogic Clay 2 at OCC

This is just part of the 60 artists showing at the "Pedagogic Clay 2" show at OCC in Coast Mesa, California.
“Pedagogic Clay 2” good company (left to right) Ralph Baccera, Randy Au, Adrian Saxe

Clay Exhibit To Brings Renowned Artists to Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College: Frank M. Doyle Art Pavilion (access from Merrimac Way), 2701 Fairview Rd., Costa Mesa, CA. 92626

OCC is set to host its second Pedagogic Clay 2 Exhibit, opening on Jan. 28 and running thought Feb. 26, 2015. The month-long exhibition features work from 60 ceramic artists and instructors in the Southern California area ( Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties). There are notable works by Ralph Baccera, Adrian Saxe, Peter Shire, Phyllis Green, Joe Soldate, Gifford Myers, Nobo Nishigawara, David Kiddie, Laura Haight, among others. OCC ceramics professor Kevin A. Myers has curated the exhibit. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

Individual works of art will be displayed in the Frank M. Doyle Art Pavilion. Gallery hours are;  Mon, Tues, Thurs 12noon-6pm and Wed. 12noon-8pm. There is paid visitor and metered parking near lot D. Anyone with an interest in ceramics is encouraged to attend. “This is a time when all of this is going to be under one roof and it really would be in a student’s best interest to see the trajectory that contemporary ceramics has taken,” said Myers. “The artists that have been invited to be in this exhibition are truly exceptional.”



Collaborating with choreographer Jayne Persch to combine a projection of my work on the stage with several dance performances, is an exercise in trust. She chose the final works to use and she will be the one who works out the lighting. I am letting it evolve and have little idea of the final outcome.

Using my painted images for an unintended purpose sure gets me out of my box for creative neurons stimulation. Looking forward to the Boulder trip and seeing it all unfold.

Debut in Colorado — February 7th & 8th
The Dairy Center for the Arts



Carole Choucair Oueijan at Beyond Borders 2014

Beyond Borders 2014I’m so excited to tell you that 2 of my Temple City mosaics are going to be exhibited in 2014 Beyond Borders Art Exhibition, October 18 – November 15. Complimentary Welcome Reception is this Saturday, October 18, 5-9 PM.

House of Lebanon Cultural Center
4800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

This is the first time that I get the chance to preview a public art project in a fine art exhibition! People will get the chance to see the work in progress of this project and 2 finished mosaic panels before the installation on Rosemead Blvd. in the City of Temple City. I will have a room just for this project.

I would love to see you there. Please join us to celebrate this process. Sneak peek photos of the work in progress attached!

The Welcome Reception will include art exhibition, entertainment program, drinks food and more!

Free Valet parking.


Carole Choucair Oueijan
HOL Artists Group Chairwoman


Janet MacKaig — Artist Statement

Innuendo #1
Innuendo #1

My art work has covered the gamut, from drawing, textural pieces, sculpture, photography, printmaking to painting.  Many of my art pieces combine processes.

Since 2004, I have tried to limit the processes, take images from memory, keep the work simple and direct.  My work almost always has a strong personal intent, maybe not always obvious.  It is, sort of, a “Visual Haiku Attitude”.

The paintings and prints are about my life, maybe an autobiography.  There is no conscious logic in the acquired choices to create this body of work.  It is like looking at a beautiful spider web glistening in the sun light, visually  interesting, draws the viewer in, then the spider strikes through a subliminal message.

A series of prints or paintings develop, usually when I travel.  In 2007, I visited Hudson Bay, Canada.  A series of seven original prints developed and seven poems.  In 2008 the “Museum Series” arrived on canvas. People and animals looking at paintings in the museum, so far, there are seven large paintings, probably more to come.  I don’t  know where the inspiration for these paintings came from.  These paintings seem to have their own soul, I really can’t explain them.

After several years, I have noticed that when I see one of my old paintings somewhere, I no longer have the same feelings towards it, it has become its own entity.  I have run across old work and been surprised that I was the artist or creator.  I have to ask myself, does a painting create itself?