The Betty Turnbull Collection

Dear Friends with Walls,

Before the unfortunate passing of our dear friend Mark Chamberlain – unfortunate for us; on the other hand Mark is a born adventurer – Mark, founder and long-time proprietor of the B.C. Space gallery, and I had discussed an exhibition of my mother Betty’s art collection (my parents’ actually, but in that regard my mother was in the driver’s seat), an extraordinary assortment of works amassed while she was Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at the Newport Harbor Art Museum, now known as the Orange County Museum of Art, an institution she helped found.

Having become friends with many of the premier artists of the era (50s – 90s) – some of whom are not known to the general public at all – my mother purchased, or in many cases was given, some truly beautiful pieces of world-class modern art. But these pieces have not had a home for a long time now (my sister Glenda asked if I couldn’t perhaps hang them in my car) and it is time they had homes, walls to grace, lives to enrich.

And now, with Mark Chamberlain’s passing and the future of B.C. Space — a Laguna institution — in doubt, several ideas have come together… and the Betty Turnbull Collection will be on display and for sale, the proceeds to go toward maintaining B.C. Space and keeping its doors open — something Mark managed to do for 45 years!

The prices for the various pieces – works by Paul Wonner, Theo Brown, Jim Dine, James Strombotne, John Paul Jones, David Gilhooly, Jerry Davis, Wayne Thiebaud, and many more — will be strictly the best offer proffered, regardless of their ‘market value.’ As I say, these works — both paintings and sculptures — need homes.

The exhibit will open on FRIDAY, June 29th, with doors opening at 6:00 PM.

I will be in attendance that week, and for each of the following four weekends the collection will be hanging. And since the backroom at B.C. is such a warm and atmospheric performing space, I’ll be playing a different show on each of those Friday nights:

June 29
CARDBOARD HILL” – A Newport Narrative

July 6
THE OLDE FAM’LY”A Climb Up the Family Tree

July 13
“HELP WANTED (INQUIRE WITHIN)”Spirit and Its Constant Surprise

July 20
“HOW MUCH OF MAN IS MUSIC?”How Deep Does Music Go?

July 27

I have learned from the experience of living with them that these paintings and pieces — works of great depth, imagination and deep personal expression — can make a difference in one’s outlook. For just as they adorn a wall in a cottage, the joy such work embodies lives equally, shines as vibrantly, from the walls of one’s ‘Interior Castle,’ serving in no small capacity as a bulwark against the encroaching philistinism of our age.

The B.C. Space is at 235 Forest Avenue (behind the secret steel door, up the beckoning staircase) in Laguna Beach, California.

On Fridays, the gallery doors will open at 6:00 (providing enough time to attend the art, choose your favorites and make your offers!). The performances begin at 8:00. Please do comeand, like the art, make a difference.

Gallery hours:

Friday: 6:00 – 10:00
Saturday: 12:00 – 7:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 6:00

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