Lynette Henderson



I am endlessly fascinated by nature and wildlife. My work presents animals that I have personally encountered, primarily wildlife and occasionally domestic, in various natural environments.  These environments are not necessarily beautiful, healthy or friendly to the animal, in part reflecting the ability of animals to randomly move around the world, similar to humans. Many of the images depict situations such as drought, fire and other forest devastation, brought about or exacerbated by climate change (global warming).

Contemporary global warming is caused by human activity, primarily through the burning of fossil fuels, amongst other things (Klein, 2014). Our current economic system, global capitalism, takes no prisoners in its endless pursuit of more and more wealth, and would gladly sacrifice most of the world in favor of profit. Humans need to wake up, look around at the world and make vastly different choices if they wish to keep what’s left of the earth’s surface a beautiful and healthy place in which to live. Animals seem the last consideration, if present at all, in the manic pursuit of wealth and continued ignorance of the need to discontinue fossil fuels and embrace alternative energies.

By painting close-up images of animals, I wish the viewer to experience the extraordinary presence, power and beauty in the animal’s physical form. By setting the animals in unhealthy or unfriendly environments, I intend to highlight the vulnerability of these creatures, ideally eliciting awareness, concern and perhaps a move to action, on the part of the viewer.

Curricula Vitae

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