Janet MacKaig



Looking for Janet, maybe I’ve found her. She has had an exceptional journey on planet Earth, traveling around the planet interacting with many different cultures. She found that we all share the same humanness. We need to support each other, and the earth, so harmony may exist among people and our planet is healthy. Humans are humans except for their outer costumes.

My art is about cultures meeting each other, learning about each other, finding common causes. Is there respect and admiration? If you take the time you just might find it. Art can be a vehicle of understanding. We do not need war, violence, greed, and many etceteras. We need to take time to understand each other.

I am a printmaker and a painter and a poet. an artists work is an autobiography of the artist — if not is it art?

I love animals so my work tends to favor their inclusion in my work. My art reflects all the traveling I have done.

When artists finish their art work, most seem to have a sense of loss. They compensate by writing poetry, it seems to satisfy their need that they lost. I’ve been in places where an old painting of mine is hanging I no longer even recognize it as mine.


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