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The Betty Turnbull Collection

Dear Friends with Walls,

Before the unfortunate passing of our dear friend Mark Chamberlain – unfortunate for us; on the other hand Mark is a born adventurer – Mark, founder and long-time proprietor of the B.C. Space gallery, and I had discussed an exhibition of my mother Betty’s art collection (my parents’ actually, but in that regard my mother was in the driver’s seat), an extraordinary assortment of works amassed while she was Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at the Newport Harbor Art Museum, now known as the Orange County Museum of Art, an institution she helped found. Continue reading The Betty Turnbull Collection


Janet Inez Adams, MFA has seven art pieces in the current (September – October 2017)  STRINGS ATTACHED Invitational Exhibit at Coastline College Art Gallery. This exhibit was curated by David Michael Lee, Director.

WISHBONE AND THE FIRE 2017 – mixed media. Retells the tale of the terrible fire in Brian Head, Ut, that scorched 76,000 acres near the Dixie National Forest and threatened Janet’s cabin.

FRIEND OR FOE 2014 – mixed media on wood. A dream image.

WEB AND GREEN GATE 2015 – mixed media on wood. A story.


GIFT OF RAIN 2014 – mixed media on wood. Created during the draught in hopes of bringing rain.

CROWN 2014 – mixed media on wood. Refers to “Crown of Thorns”.

FOREST FOR THE TREES 2012 – mixed media on wood. Refers to the mysteries found in a forest.

WISE OLE SOL 2010 – mixed media on wood. A joke about the sun.

The design of my wall for STRINGS ATTACHED 2017.

VIEWPOINTS: Through a Jewish Lens

YINBH Beverly Hills Synagogue

Artist’s Reception – Sunday, September 17th, 4 – 6 p.m.

Curated by Georgia Freedman-Harvey

F E A T U R E D   A R T I S T S
Carol Goldmark, Bill Aron, Dave Fox, Lori Shocket & Marilee Tolwin Continue reading VIEWPOINTS: Through a Jewish Lens