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Hello All,
Mark is OK and our meeting with Mark Chamberlin @ BC space235 Forest Ave has been rescheduled for
MAY 10, 11AM.We will have a docent tour (see original email below) and then a meeting with Mark. After our meeting with Mark, I would like us to convene in a setting area on Forest where we can make some plans according to what is discussed at BC. Bring a sandwich if you want. Coffee shops are not far from where we will be sitting
As you come into town from Laguna Canyon Rd, there’s parking lot 11. It is the lot across from the festival and there is a traffic light just at the entrance, there are free parking spaces on your right starting at # 300 and up. For those who can walk, it is about 4 plus blocks to BC Space. Walk along Forest in front of City Hall, take the 2nd right turn (also Forest Ave) and it is 3 blocks down on the South side. You will find the door just before the Candy Barron. It is a very steep climb up. For anyone who needs help getting up, please let us all know. Some burly person will come to you.

Handicap plaques most likely will find parking near the gallery that early in the day.

See you all on Wednesday!!!


Collaborating with choreographer Jayne Persch to combine a projection of my work on the stage with several dance performances, is an exercise in trust. She chose the final works to use and she will be the one who works out the lighting. I am letting it evolve and have little idea of the final outcome.

Using my painted images for an unintended purpose sure gets me out of my box for creative neurons stimulation. Looking forward to the Boulder trip and seeing it all unfold.

Debut in Colorado — February 7th & 8th
The Dairy Center for the Arts



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Karen Feuer SchwagerA multi-faceted artist, Karen Feuer-Schwager currently expresses her emotions, experiences and dreams through a neo-expressionistic style. Whether working on canvas, plexiglas or Polaroid film, her work has a sensual and highly tactile quality that has evolved from techniques developed over a lifetime of making art.

Widely exhibited throughout Southern California, her artistic career began at an early age fostered by her father, a cartoonist. Moving from the studio to classroom, Karen began teaching art after graduation from Temple University in 1965. She has taught classes and provided needed instruction to various institutions as an art-therapist and working with learning disabled children.

Currently residing in Laguna Beach, California, she has lived and exhibited in New York, France and Switzerland.

Selected Curriculum Vitae
1988 – Master of Education, USIU
1978 – Le Centre de Gravure de Geneve, Switzerland
1966 – 1980 Don Stacy Studio, New York
1965 – BFA, Tyler School of Fine Art, Temple

2006 – “For Shame”, BC Space, Laguna Beach, CA
2005 – Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA
2004 – BC Space, Laguna Beach, CA
2004 – Sandstone Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2001- Grand Central Art Gallery, Santa Ana, CA
2001- Gallery 57 Underground, Pomona, CA
2000 – Center Gallery, Long Beach, CA
1999 – San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA
1995 – Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA

Karen Feuer-Schwager may be contacted at:

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